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Cromaverge Universal dry verges

Cromaverge Universal dry verges

Excluding VAT

• Universally handed – No need for left and right units
• Quick fit design – 36 units in under 5 minutes
• Versatile – Fits to any type of roof tile
• High compression – Roof tiles held firm in strong winds
• Zero maintenance – Years of mortar free protection
• High quality – Tough and UV stable plastic
• Mortar-free – Eaves remains protected but well ventilated

  • Additional Information

    A premium, universal dry verge system, no need for separate left or right hand verges anymore. With this quick fit design there is no need for using mortar, and roof tiles are held firm even in strong winds.

    The Universal verge will suit all metric tiles and 15 x 9 tiles. It will work not with thin leading edge/plain tiles or slates.

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