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Rooftec 6m Universal Dry Ridge Fixing System

Rooftec 6m Universal Dry Ridge Fixing System

Excluding VAT


● 6 meters x 320mm ventilated
Ridge roll providing 5000mm2
airflow per linear meter

● 10 x batten support brackets

● 13 x ridge unions

● 13 x 100mm fixing screws

● 13 x metal clamping plates

● 26 x plastic clamping clips


    ● 320mm wide ridge roll guarantees excellent coverage at any pitch ● Ridge roll provides 5000m²of ventilation per linear metre

    ● Dark grey roll creates a seamless finish

    ● Self-adhesive butyl strip provides a high quality, water tight seal

    ● Universal ridge unions are compatible with almost all half round and angled ridge tiles

    ● Metal clamping plates for a more secure finish

    ● Simple installation is easier and quicker than mortar alternatives

    ● Vapour permeable

    ● Wind and water resistant

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